Monday, 28 March 2011

Initial Idea

The initial idea for my virtual show is to include artists such as Annie Leibovitz, Bob Gruen, Robert Mapplethorpe, and have it set in the famous CBGB's club in New York. Now shut down, CBGB's was the place all New York bands played, drank, and lived, and the once place in the world I would love to go to but will never get chance. However, a quick chat with Mona made me realise the idea is some what of a cliche just to have the photos on the wall in the bar, so what i want to do, is use the space as more of an idea than an actual place. Because the photos I love and want to use for my fantasy exhibition are ones that were mostly taken behind the scenes - on tour, at a party etc - i want to have them hanging around the walls of my model of CBGB's, but have them priced and displayed as if they were in a traditional white cube space. I will look at the concept of the white cube space, and whether art has more meaning if it is in a more sophisticated setting. One of my ideas for tackling this issue is to design the bar as the gallery type space, and then have the white cube (style) space outside, like a back alley to the club. I think this will challenge the concept because the main area for the photographs will be inside the bar, which is quite dirty really, stains on the walls and floors, grubby furniture, fag ends, broken bottles, the state you would normally find a back alley in, and then the clean, plain white cube space is used as a dumping ground for everything that doesnt make the grade inside.

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